We continue evolving with unflagging commitment to cutting-edge engraving technology.

1921 Founded by Riichi Tsujikawa, in Matsuzaki-cho, Abeno Ward, Osaka, as a sole proprietorship to manufacture dies for label printing, stamps

1929 Commenced mass production of engraved steel plates by introducing photo-etching method into steel engraving.

1947 Developed brass and copper dies for label printing.

1952 Photoengraving Department and Machine Engraving Department established. The company imported a Deckel engraving machine from Germany

1961 Reorganized and renamed Tsujikawa Engraving Co., Ltd., with Riichi Tsujikawa as President and CEO.

1968 Commenced magnesium plate making after introducing technologies from The Dow Chemical Company in the U.S.

1970 Hiroshi Tsujikawa inaugurated as the new President and CEO.

1974 Tokyo Buisiness Office established.

1977 Second Plant established, with a plan to increase automation of machine engraving operations.

1982 New Plant established in Hannan-cho, Abeno Ward, to increase the effiency of production of cutting the cylinders.

1984 Hannan Plant extended, and Head Office relocated there.

1989 Cutting Die Cylinder Department expanded. Renamed Tsujikawa Co., Ltd.

1999 Sakai Plant began operation in partnership with NAVITAS Co., Ltd., to reinforce plate-making operations.

2000 Yao Plant established in Yao City, Osaka, and the Cutting Die Cylinder Department moved there.

2004 Shanghai Tsujikawa Engraving Co., Ltd. opened. Yutaka Tsujikawa inaugurated as President and CEO.

2009 Tokyo Design Center opened. Tsujikawa (Thailand) Co., Ltd. opened.

2013 PT Tsujikawa Indonesia opened.

2016 Tsujikawa India Pvt Ltd.opened.